March 12, 2020


RE:  COVID-19 Update

Vrable Healthcare, Inc. and Southern Hills are working in coordination with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”), the Ohio Department of Health (“ODH”) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) on limiting the transmission of COVID-19.

ODH recently released additional guidance on how skilled nursing facilities should continue to be proactive in limiting risk. Southern Hills has already begun screening visitors, staff and residents and taken other precautions outlined in the Joint Director’s Notice from ODH.

Effective immediately, Southern Hills will be following governmental recommendations and limiting the entrances of visitors to only the main, front entrance.  All visitors will be required to check-in and undertake screening and must clear the screening to be approved to visit.  Visitors must also present a valid government identification card and provide their name address and telephone number.

Southern Hills is limiting the number of visitors to one (1) visitor per resident, per day, absent emergent circumstances.  While we love to have visitors and family and understand spending time with family is of the utmost importance, we are suggesting alternate means of communication.  Alternate means of communications can include Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, etc.  Southern Hills will assist however they can to help accommodate this.  In the event of true emergency, we will do our best to accommodate an emergent visit.  At this time we will be eliminating outside activities and activities from outside vendors.  We also ask that you limit any outside appointments that are not medically necessary.

The health and safety of our residents and families are always our highest priority. Because the population we care for is especially vulnerable to potential infection, it is absolutely essential that we take these preventive steps.

Southern Hills and Vrable Healthcare continues to follow governmental recommendations on additional prevention steps, including following strict handwashing and sanitation procedures.  Based on this, our process may be updated or changed at any time.  We thank you greatly for your consideration and for working with us to best limit risk to those we love.




Sean Kenny,