May 15, 2020

Dear Families, Friends and Staff Members,

Governor DeWine announced this week that massage therapy, acupuncture, cosmetic therapy and tattoo parlors will be re-opening. Beginning Thursday, May 21st, campgrounds in Ohio will be permitted to reopen followed by gyms, fitness centers and non-contact sports leagues on May 26th. Public pools which can meet required safety protocols may also reopen in the 26th. Ohio childcare providers could reopen May 31st.

The governor addresses many businesses and sectors of the economy.  However, due to the risk posed to the elderly and immunocompromised, we are aware of no proposal to ease or update restrictions for Skilled Nursing Facilities.  So, we will continue to work diligently to reduce spread and exposure.

Mitigating Actions:

 Risk mitigation started in early March and continues.  The steps taken to limit risk and exposure include, but are not limited to, screening and monitoring staff, essential visitors and residents with temperature checks, oxygen levels, and vital signs up to three times daily.  Encouraging social distancing and limiting visitation to only necessary situations including ancillary deliveries (food, drugs, etc.).

We have asked staff not to work at other jobs and pushed all to “STAY HOME” if not at work.  We have increased intensity and frequency of disinfection and cleaning.  We aggressively review and screen all admissions. We currently have adequate supplies of protective equipment for staff and residents. We are monitoring the situation daily and adapting as needed to continue to provide the best quality of care. We are also discussing issues with and following the guidance of our Medical Directors and Attending Physicians daily.

If there are any specific updates about your loved one, rest assured, we will contact you directly.  We still encourage you to reach out to our residents.  The telephone is a viable option.  Remember you can leave a message for our residents at or schedule a Skype call by emailing

We Remain In This Together,

Sean Kenny, Administrator