Improving Dialysis

dialysisDialysis, prescribed by nephrologists, removes toxins as well as fluid from the body when the kidneys stop working.  More frequent weekly treatments have been associated with improved patient outcomes. Transportation, payment and other issues, however, have limited many nursing home residents to less frequent but longer therapy with more rapid ultrafiltration (fluid removal).

Major fluid fluctuations that accompany a typical three-day-a-week dialysis schedule can put extreme stress on the heart, wearing patients down physically and mentally.

A new study shows more frequent hemodialysis treatments provided in-house could be a game changer for both short-term and long-term nursing home residents.

The comprehensive review of Medicare claims data shows receiving dialysis roughly five times per week lowers the risk of death and cardiovascular hospitalization compared to conventional dialysis in a Skilled Nursing Facility setting.

Renew Dialysis is now providing staff assisted home hemodialysis treatments inside Southern Hills Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center. Using the most advanced NxStage equipment, the treatments are tailored to help patients get the most out of their time at the facility. Research shows that patients being dialyzed in both shorter more frequent sessions have significantly improved outcomes: increasing fluid removal, reducing recovery times, managing anemia better, reducing blood pressure, medications, and reducing stress on the heart. These improvements have enhanced quality of life and help you maximize your time at the Southern Hills.

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