At Home Exercises To Maintain And Regain Your Strength During The Pandemic

stretchingThe rise of coronavirus brought many in-person interactions to a screeching halt back in late March.  For some, this meant that they would no longer have the same ability to meet with their physician or healthcare provider face-to-face for essential appointments and routine check-ups.

Over the last several months, telehealth has increasingly become the new “norm” in many healthcare fields. Telehealth has allowed healthcare providers to meet with their patients through a virtual interaction to continue care while maintaining a social distance from others. But what about therapy? How can someone progress through their recovery or disability without being able to meet with their physical or occupational therapist?

While in-person therapy remains preferred, there is an option for teletherapy.  Therapists can provide exercises to their patients to complete in their home setting using everyday items as equipment. These exercises are designed to restore maximum body function with an aim for long-term benefits. At home physical therapy typically will incorporate both stretching and strength training and do not necessarily require any equipment.

Here are some exercises YOU can practice in your own home during these challenging times to maintain/regain your strength:

STRETCHING. Before any workout, it is imperative that you set aside time to warm up with some stretching exercises. Remember to be gentle while stretching as you do NOT want to risk any injury. Each stretch can be held for roughly 30 seconds.

FOOT & ANKLE. Apart from wearing good shoes around the house to help with foot discomfort, stretching your foot muscles can help tremendously with any foot pain. Begin with some stretches such as a wall calf stretch or ballet raises.

KNEES & HIPS. Leg circles are one of the most common stretches to focus on your hip strength! For knee strength, you might want to start off with some straight leg raises while lying flat on your back. Alternate by raising one leg at a time slightly off the ground with the other knee bent and upright with your foot on the floor. You can also try lateral leg raises!

SHOULDERS & NECK. This type of pain is quite common, especially when sitting in a chair at home all day or sleeping in an uncomfortable position! Try out “barrel hug” stretches. Just like it sounds, pretend as if you are hugging a barrel with both arms out in front of you while slightly rotating at the waist from side to side. For strength, lateral raises can be done with any light objects around the house.