Dino-Mite Discoveries

They may have roamed the earth 220 million years ago, but dinosaurs are still in style. In fact, new dinosaur species are being discovered all the time. The year 2015 recorded 45 new species of dinosaur. Anyone from the most seasoned archaeologist to a six-year-old kid may find this to be news worth sharing during Dinosaur Month in October.

Archaeologists aren’t the only ones who can find a new dinosaur. In 2005, a retired nuclear physicist named Bill Shipp was strolling his property along the Judith River Formation in Montana when he discovered a giant bone protruding from the earth. After two years of excavating, two more years of cleaning the fossils, and many more years of research, the discovery of a new plant-eating, horned species of dinosaur was announced this past May. It was named Judith, due to the location of its discovery, and has been classified as Spiclypeus (meaning “spiked shield”) shipporum, after its discoverer, Bill Shipp.

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Cleveland Indians Day

Southern hills is having a Cleveland Indians Day on October 5th.  Hot Dogs, pop, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks will be provided for staff in the kitchenette are by our front offices. Join us for lunch, laughs, and to celebrate, not only the Indians, but the CLE. It’s our time to shine!! Oh, and don’t forget to wear your best Cleveland Indians Gear, just no jean please. Thank you everyone, for all that you do, each and everyday!!

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