Tanisha Y. Winslow, CPHT
Central Supply Manager
Southern Hills Skilled Nursing & Rehab


Provision of adequate patient care services to nursing homes is a recognized problem. The most recent Federal Regulations for nursing homes stipulate basic patient care and services, including expanded clinical pharmacy functions, in an attempt to improve overall patient care. A broad spectrum of drug-related problems have been identified in nursing homes.

One method for providing integrated patient care and education to nursing homes is a primary care team composed of a nurse practitioner, a social worker, a physician, and a clinical pharmacist. The pharmacist’s role includes drug utilization control, patient counseling, drug information, and in-service education. Through the team concept, drug-related problems and recommendations can be managed efficiently with minimal confusion to patient and staff. While pharmacy plays a huge role in a residents stay in the nursing home they also play a significant part upon departure.

While staying in the nursing home community residents have a staff of nurses who closely monitor their medications, so returning to the community and having to manage your own medications can be quite frightening. Here, at Southern Hills, we have partnered with ExactCare pharmacy to make the transition from nursing home to home a lot less stressful for residents and families alike.

The challenge when residents go home is that managing multiple medications for themselves or a loved one can be complicated and stressful. Sorting and organizing pills, managing refills, making multiple trips to the pharmacy, and keeping track of what’s been taken–it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. ExactCare provides an easier and safer way. Medications are delivered to the resident each month in the Exact Pack, which sorts and packages doses by day and time. You will also have the support of a personal pharmacy team to manage your medications and ensure they’re working properly.


The benefits this provides our residents with are:

  • A simpler, safer way to manage medications.
  • No more sorting pills.
  • Easy-to-use packaging.
  • Home delivery at no cost to you.
  • Refills managed for you.
  • Your own pharmacy team.

Even if you are not a former resident of a nursing home these benefits would prevent medication errors, and make it easier to properly take care of yourself at home.