Southern Hills Visitation

by Jessica Luckett
Admissions Director/Social Services
Southern Hills Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center

Southern Hills VisitationThis year has been difficult to say the least and having a family member living in a nursing home is especially hard during these times due not being able to visit. It is hard to tell how a family member is doing just by their voice or by what the nurse is telling you. With all the different regulations, nursing homes have had to be on strict guidelines on what is allowed and what is not allowed. For a short time, outdoor visits were allowed but the resident and family member or friend had to still wear masks and still be six feet apart. Due to the weather getting colder, the facility was allowed to have indoor visitations but only if the visitor had a negative COVID test done. This did not last long as numbers continued to rise within the county and the facility unfortunately was forced to stop visitations. Southern Hills understands the frustration that families and residents are feeling over not being able to see their loved ones. The facility has offered a chance to do zoom calls, facetimes or window visits and will continue to offer these as options to see a loved one. With the weather getting colder, we are allowing family members or friends to come to the front in the vestibule while the resident is inside. We will still require temperatures to be taken as well as masks need to be worn. The facility understands that this is not the same but it is at least away to see your family member. These calls or window visits can be scheduled through the social services director. Cards are also a good way to keep in touch and brighten a resident’s day as well. The facility will try to post pictures as well on their Facebook page (with permission) so that families and friends can also see their loved ones that way. The facility understands that this is a very difficult time and wants to help make communication easier in any way possible. We are in this together to help keep the residents safe during this time.