Understanding NSNCW 2022 Theme: “Creating & Nurturing Connections”

Maddie Nickels
Marketing Director & Clinical Liaison
Southern Hills Skilled Nursing & Rehab

Southern Hills united with organizations all over the nation in honoring National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW), formerly known as National Nursing Home Week. Sponsored by the American Health Care Association (AHCA), this weeklong observance kicks off annually on Mother’s Day Sunday and provides an opportunity to acknowledge the role of skilled nursing facilities in caring our sick and aging population. The theme for NSNCW 2022 celebrated the essential role that skilled nursing facilities and staff play in “Creating and Nurturing Connections” for their residents. This has never been more evident than the last two years navigating the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic required extended care facilities across the world to enforce strict policies and procedures to better protect the health and safety of their residents. During a time of social distancing and limited visitation, our staff found themselves serving as both friends and family members to ensure all our residents received the essential emotional support and social connections they needed. As human beings, our nature leads us to yearn for connection and crave fulfilling relationships. While most people understand the importance of encouraging socialization in young children, many tend to overlook the importance for our aging population. Research has proven there to be a multitude of health benefits for seniors that is directly associated with socialization. Social connections help our aging population maintain their sense of belonging which translates into better health and overall quality of life.

As stated in our mission, our team at Southern Hills is dedicated to improving the quality of life and health of resident we serve. We are fortunate to have a team of dedicated professionals that carry out this mission daily. Southern Hills was excited to honor these hard-working individuals and the residents we serve in celebrating NSNCW 2022 last week. What better way to begin the week than by honoring the women in our life that made it all possible? We were pleased to invite loved ones to join us for a special luncheon and tea party at the facility in celebration of Mother’s Day and the start of NSNCW. For the remainder of the week, we celebrated with different themed days that highlighted some of the ways our residents and staff create and nurture connections here at Southern Hills.

Creating & Nurturing Connections with Music & Memories: Decades Day!

Residents and staff came dressed to impress in 70’s attire and enjoyed a journey back through “100 Years of Fashion” with a musical fashion show.


Creating and Nurturing Connections with Celebration: Fiesta Day!

Music sounded the hallways as residents and staff enjoyed margaritas, dancing, walking tacos and a pinata party.


Creating and Nurturing Connections with Sharing a Meal Together: Baseball Day!

We fired up the grilled for a courtyard cookout and enjoyed a ballpark style lunch prepared by our dietary team.


Creating and Nurturing Connections with Nature & Games: Carnival Day!

Residents and staff enjoyed sharpening their game-playing skills and earning prizes while enjoying the beautiful weather at our courtyard carnival.