What do workers want to feel secure within the workforce?

Rick Rodgers
HR Director
Southern Hills Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center

secure employmentMost, if not all of us within the healthcare industry, have noticed a decline in the quality and quantity that has come about over the last two years. The quality of degreed workers, may have been compromised with closed schools and efforts to create new hybrid learning models. The new online learning methods have both advantages, as well as disadvantages. A drastic decline within the workforce was originally brought on with the onset of COVID-19, has effected the number of care givers, because of the fear of contracting it in the workforce.

Part of the reason of the workplace shift is partially due to the pandemic and the uncertainty arising from both facts and opinions. The other leading factor is the lack of security, brought about with business closure, and the reduction in hours of operation. During the beginning of 2020 a lot of industries suffered through lock downs. A new term was introduced, “essential workers” defined business we still needed and relied on for daily living, these were things like retail / grocery stores and healthcare. But we soon learned that these essential workers were getting tired, burned out and at times unappreciated.

Workers either wanted more for their efforts or they started leaving the workforce. Some employers started offering pay increases, bonuses, and other benefits, to attract or retain employees. However, in some cases it wasn’t enough and a little too late. Incentives to stay home, from the Federal Government and state’s unemployment programs, was the answer. Most of the extended benefits ended in early fall of this year, other incentives, like money for returning to school (FAFSA), a new monthly Child Tax Credits checks, and increase in Welfare benefits, helped workers in their decision to remain unemployed.

According to “The Society for Human Resource Management” or SHRM Published on June 16, 2021

In an article, “Report: Pandemic Drives Workers’ Desire to Learn New Job Skills”

The article explores what post pandemic workers feel would make them feel more secure in returning back into the workforce. Job loss has driven workers once employed before the pandemic, in service industry jobs, like restaurants, retail and some manufacturing are looking for more security. Two-Thirds believe training and courses in new stable fields, might give leverage and more security, during uncertain times. A shift from lesser stable careers that rely on supply chain inventory, to a career that focuses on providing daily needs and services, might be the answer to those referenced in the article. As mentioned previously, entering fields that are determined essential, like healthcare with added training, might create a secure workforce.

In a survey conducted from October thru December of 2020, it was discovered that more than 6,300, 20-40 year olds from the U.S, with three- fourths holding a college degrees. In the survey, the overall belief according to this article was, “reskilling may set the stage for vast workplace changes after the pandemic ends.”

As we look forward, several questions remains: will society ever see an end to COVID? Will society and its workforce return as it was pre-pandemic? As we move forward within the workforce, what will we need to do to capture and retain quality and quantity workers?

In conclusion: At Southern Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation in Middleburgh Hts., Ohio, we strongly encourage staff to take advantage of our tuition reimbursement benefit. Changing fields, and seeking higher degreed skills benefit both the employee and employer. In addition to formal education, we provide monthly training online and require staff to complete each scheduled training. The scheduled training session help empower staff with knowledge to do their jobs. For employees that require annual continuing education units (CEU’s) the free training can be used in maintaining credentialing.

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